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Dave has worked in storage since 2004, when he joined mSystems, which led to SanDisk and Western Digital by acquisition. He is currently Sr. Director of Industry Standards, and Distinguished Engineer at Western Digital. He has been a technical representative, committee chair, and/or Board member in NVMe, PCI-SIG, T10 (SAS/SCSI), T13 (ATA), SATA-IO, TCG, JEDEC, OCP, SNIA, SFF, and others, contributing to standards at all levels of the storage hierarchy (mechanical, electrical, and protocol).

Dave’s focus these days is exploring archival storage media and devices to address the TCO challenges arising from the “digitization of everything”. As part of this, he was one of the founders of the DNA Data Storage Alliance in 2020, where he is tackling the challenge of defining standards to facilitate the emergence of DNA data storage while ensuring that these standards jump start, not constrain, innovation in this nascent field.