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VP, Systems Engineering

Subramanian Kartik has been the Vice President of Systems Engineering at VAST Data since January of 2020, running the global pre-sales organization. He is part of the incredible success of VAST Data which increased almost 10-fold in valuation and revenue in this period. An accomplished technologist and executive in the industry, he has a wide array of experience in Cloud Architectures, AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning, as well as in the  Life Sciences, covering high-performance computing and storage. He has had a lifelong deep passion for studying complex problems in all spheres spanning both workloads and infrastructure at the vanguard of current day technology.

Prior to his work at VAST Data, he was with EMC (later Dell) for two decades, as both a Distinguished Engineer and global executive running the Converged and Hyper-converged Division  go-to-market. He has a Ph.D in Particle Physics with over 75 publications and 3 patents to his credit over the years. He enjoys mathematics, jazz, cooking and traveling with his family in his non-existent spare time.