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SVP Business Development, DNA Data Storage
Twist Bioscience

Mr. Steffen Hellmold joined Twist Bioscience in October 2021, bringing more than 25 years of industry experience in product, technology as well as business development roles in semiconductor memory and data storage. He will be responsible for promoting, educating and driving market awareness and reception for DNA data storage. His expertise includes driving product roadmap leadership and establishing strategic relationships with ecosystem stakeholders to fuel the adoption of DNA data storage solutions across existing and emerging archive storage use cases. Before joining Twist, Mr. Hellmold was Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development for Strategic Initiatives at Western Digital. Prior to Western Digital, Mr. Hellmold held executive management positions at Everspin, SandForce, Seagate Technology, Lexar Media, Samsung Semiconductor, Fujitsu and SMART Modular. Mr. Hellmold has been deeply engaged in various industry trade associations and standards organizations including co-founding the DNA Data Storage Alliance as well as USB Flash Drive Alliance. He holds an Economic Electrical Engineering degree (EEE) from the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.

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