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Chief Technical Officer
Spectra Logic

Matt Starr is the Chief Technology Officer at Spectra Logic. Matt brings more than 24 years of technology experience to his role. As CTO, Matt is responsible for helping to define Spectra’s technology roadmap and execute on Spectra’s technology strategy. As the company’s executive voice of the market, Matt leads Spectra’s efforts in high-performance computing, private cloud and other vertical markets, and currently directs Spectra’s Federal and APAC sales efforts.

His work experience includes management roles in service, hardware design, software development, operating systems and electronic design. Matt previously served as the lead engineering architect for the design and production of Spectra’s family of enterprise-class tape libraries. Under Matt’s direction, Spectra Logic secured more than 50 patents, establishing the company as an innovative technology leader in the data storage industry.

Matt holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.