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For over 25 years I’ve been involved in content creation, content management, and storage, focused on methods and technologies needed to manage massive volumes of data across many industries.

My current role is CEO for StrongBox Data Solutions. SBDS's core product is StrongLink, a powerful platform that enables global data and storage resource management across otherwise incompatible multi-vendor storage environments. StrongLink bridges the gap between data management and storage management, allowing IT organizations to create a unified global data management environment across any storage type, including tape and cloud.

Prior to joining StrongBox Data Solutions, I worked for over 10 years at SGI, where I managed storage and data management products. In that role, I was part of the team that provided storage and content managment solutions to some of the largest data environments around the world.

My background includes work at CBS Television Distribution, and Pathfire (now ExtremeReach), where I led the team that developed and implemented a satellite-based IP-multicast content distribution platform to nearly 1,000 TV stations throughout the US. This changed forever the way TV stations receive syndicated news, programming, and ads.