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Brad Johns Consulting LLC

Brad Johns is currently the President of Brad Johns Consulting LLC. His firm provides analysis and consulting to help computer storage companies and end-users with their marketing and strategy needs. Brad started a 32 year technology career with IBM in 1978 as a sales trainee for the Data Processing Division. His career included management and project management positions in sales, consulting and marketing. The last fourteen years of his career were data storage related and included storage marketing and product management responsibilities in Tucson, Arizona. Storage offerings his worldwide team launched and marketed included enterprise disk, mid-range disk, NAS, SAN, storage virtualization, de-duplication , tape libraries and tape drives. Brad also managed market intelligence activities for storage offering and worked closely with customers to identify their storage needs.

His previous experience included consulting as a member of IBM Innovation Consulting, which specialized in engineering change process analysis and workflow software implementations. His clients included major automotive and aerospace companies. In addition, Brad has over a decade of information technology sales and sales management experience in the Los Angeles and Phoenix areas with Fortune 500 clients in the aerospace and manufacturing Industries. He holds a Master in Business Administration and Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Arizona.