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Quinn D
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Storage Technology Showcase
Quinn has worked in HPC Storage for nearly two decades. He began his HPC career working for Brigham Young University working for the Microwave Earth Remote Sensing Center and the Mary Lou Super Computing Center. While working for BYU, he also earned a Degree in Information Technology. After his time at BYU, he made a transition to Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility as a member of the HPSS team, improving the environment and performance. He participated in the Oracle Large Tape User Group, LTUG as the Logistics Officer for two years. He has enjoyed and participated in presenting at FujiFilm's annual Summit, the Oracle LTUG, and an Active Archive Alliance case study highlighting HPSS RAIT. Quinn saw the need for a greater neutral storage community and has championed for the community with the founding of The Storage Technology Showcase in 2019 with the assistance of FujiFilm and Spectra Logic with a focus specifically on long term storage independent of vertical or manufacturer. He made a transition into a management role with St Jude Children's Research Hospital as the Manager of Linux and HPC systems, responsible for Linux, Archive, HPC and scale storage and has contributed to the HPC strategy for St Jude's. At the beginning of 2021 Quinn joined the Data In Science Technologies leadership team. Quinn is passionate about data storage at scale and continues to participate in community discussions, education, and camaraderie. He is the father of four children, married to Rachel Mitchell who has been an invaluable support in getting and keeping STS running and finds his family to be the most fulfilling part of his life.

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