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Founder, Managing Director
Insurgo Media Services Limited

Gavin Griffiths is the Founder and Managing Director of Insurgo Media Services Limited, Wales, UK and launched the business in October 2009. Gavin has over 22 years of experience in the Tape Media industry.   

With a great management team around him, Gavin created a successful R&D department and was integral to Insurgo's patented tape recycling invention KIT, which helped build a Blue Ocean business.  Insurgo operates out of high-level security sites and offers a suite of tape technologies and software products.

Gavin's substantial industry experience and knowledge of the tape media market have resulted in the business building key relationships with global Partners. Under Gavin's direction, Insurgo provides comprehensive tape and data lifecycle management solutions. 

Gavin is an avid Squash player, a lifelong supporter of both Liverpool Football Club and the Miami Dolphins.