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As a professional involved in content management and storage workflows for more than 25 years, Christofferson has focused on methods and technologies needed to manage massive volumes of data across many different storage types and use cases.

Prior to joining SBDS, Christofferson worked with software and hardware companies in this space, including more than ten years at SGI, where he managed storage and data management products. In that role, he was part of the team that provided solutions used in some of the largest data environments around the world.

Christofferson’s background includes work at Viacom/CBS Television Distribution, where he helped implement file-based content management and syndicated content distribution implementation. He led the team at Pathfire (now ExtremeReach), that developed that platform, a satellite-based Internet Protocol-multicast platform to nearly 1,000 TV stations throughout the U.S., which was implemented by Viacom, WB, ABC, CNN, and multiple other studios and TV networks.

Earlier in his career he ran Potomac Television, a news syndication and production service in Washington DC, and Manhattan Center Studios, an audio, broadcast, and performance facility in New York.

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